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Using guaranteed FSC certified material, all our paper straws are PFAS free and are sourced from accredited and certified suppliers and produced at a single facility in London, United Kingdom.

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Paper Straws London aim to make great looking, environmentally friendly paper straws in a vast range of colours, designed to provide the perfect finishing touch to every occasion. Our family run business produces European standard tested & totally non-toxic paper straws, meaning no harmful glues and inks are used, guaranteeing safer drinking.


Our straws have recyclable packaging, meaning we can safely say all our products are 100% recyclable and compostable – helping to contribute towards a plastic free future.

No gimmicks, no sogginess.


Campaigns like the BBC’s Blue Planet have given us all a graphic glimpse into the damage single use plastics can do to our world. You can say no to all that, by choosing to shop with Paper Straws London. By purchasing our straws, you will not only be guaranteed a resilient, stylish and eco-friendly straw but also be ensuring our oceans and wildlife stay protected.


This is all due to the materials we use being ethically sourced and 100% recyclable.

• Bio-degradable and compostable straws (including packaging)
• Made by an experienced, family-run business that cares about OUR world.
• Vast selection of colourful, safe to use straws.
• Extensive trials of various glue and paper combinations.
• European food hygiene standard tested.
• Competitive pricing.
• Fast delivery.
• Trade and Retail welcome.
• Superior quality.
• Sturdy & durable.
• Competitive pricing.
• Branded styles available.
• Kind on the Planet

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