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About Us

Retail Packaging Solutions Ltd is a member of the Grafham Holdings Group, a fast developing privately owned packaging group focusing on service, product quality and innovation. Grafham Holdings recently merged with Packaging Holdings which is a group of 10 sustainable packaging companies in UK and Ireland. The group has 200 employees and €50 million in annual revenue.

Retail Packaging Solutions Ltd has grown its business by taking the best elements of a traditional Manufacturer and Distributor and fusing these together creating a business with high technical knowledge of product manufacturing but providing the benefits of a distributor encompassing consolidation, stock holding and flexible supply chain solutions.

We work with quality suppliers globally capable of high-quality supply and innovation, in addition to group manufacturing. The selection of suppliers has been built up over 25 years with long-term supply relationships. In several product areas, we also purchase raw materials in order to go up the supply chain and maximise purchasing leverage with our group scale.

From a manufacturer’s perspective, we understand the categories our customers work in and manage the customer interface with inventory management, product development and supply chain.

Our offer blends the best elements of Manufacturing and Distribution allowing RPS to offer the most cost-effective supply line with a tailored supply chain relevant to customer needs. Our vertically integrated supply chain gives our customers the security of onshore production over a wide range of products.

RPS offers a stock range which works alongside bespoke customer-sourced products which can be offered bulk, cross-docked, or picked and consolidated.

Our business works closely with its customers providing products which are sustainable, innovative, competitive and market-leading.

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